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We Build Funnels & Funnelhubs!



Why Re-Peet Productions?

For over a decade Re-Peet Productions has been working with clients to make sure they have what they want and what they need to be successful.

With Re-Peet Productions you aren't just getting someone who can lay out a website. You get someone who is skilled in multiple areas.

  • ​Graphic Design: Matt has a BA degree in Graphic Design
  • Videography: Re-Peet Productions was a video production company before we ever started in the world of websites and funnels!
  • Entrepreneurship: We have a love for entrepreneurship and all it entails. We can help you craft your offer, work on your copy, and integrate your workflows so you hit the ground running faster!
  • Consulting: One of my favorite things to do is to study what works and learn how to implement it. I not only build your funnels but I help you craft your offers, messaging, emails.

Each skillset has been crafter over years of practice and intense focus. With years of experience in graphic design, videography, entrepreneurship, and consulting, you can be sure that Re-Peet Productions has the perfect solution for all your business needs. In the last decade, we’ve produced more than just beautiful videos and websites. We’ve helped our clients find the perfect offers, create the perfect pitches, craft the perfect message, and integrate their workflows so they reach their compatibility and performance goals fast.

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We Can Provide What you need

Unlock Your Potential for Success with Re-Peet Productions. We can give you the tools you need to hit our goals with ease.



Also known as websites with the added bonus that it is built on Clickfunnels platform so it integrates flawlessly.



Your bread and butter! This is where you will make your money. Trust the process and it will pay out. If you don't know, a funnel is a conversion based webpage.



If you need guidance on your business, how to drive traffic to your funnel, and crafting the perfect offer to maximize your Average Cart Value (ACV) then we love getting to help with that. 


Video Production

Much of the time a perfect sales funnel needs a perfect video sales letter. We can help you find out what to say, shoot, and edit your perfect video sales letter to maximize your return on investment from your funnel!



Designing a funnel is one part of the puzzle. You also have to know how to set up all of your backend delivery. Everything from tagging your customers to creating workflows for followup and email sequences.



By using Re-Peet Productions to create your funnels and funnelhubs you also get a built in designer. Many times needing to hire out graphics can be an unforeseen cost and extend the project deadline by days, if not weeks. We can handle it all in house to make sure your project is done as quickly and beautifully as possible!

The Last Website solution You'll ever need

We build on the best platform so you don't have to worry.

Matt at Clickfunnels Headquarters

Everything under one roof

We specialize in building websites and funnels on Clickfunnels. We chose Clickfunnels because we truly believe it is the best option out there. In fact there are other platforms that we could use that would make US more money but we want to make sure you are set up for the future and the best chance of success!

  • ​Websites & Funnels: Tell people about your offers and sell your offers
  • Email Marketing: Complete email marketing tools built in!
  • ​Memberships: Course builder and members areas included, complete with recurring payment system!


What others are saying about us

Donald Kelly

"I’ve always enjoyed working with Matt Peet. Not only does he produce quality work but his turnaround time is amazing!"

Kate Erickson

"I've had the pleasure of working with Matt on multiple occasions and he ALWAYS brings the heat!"

Our Big Promise

We Guarantee a Stunning, Functional Funnel to Free Up Your Time for Business Growth!


Funnel Design Services

We will design your funnel so it stays on brand while being the hardest working salesperson you could have!

  • ​Sale Pages: This will be your entry offer and your upsells
  • Checkout Page: Collect payments and add order bumps
  • Tweaking: After we drive traffic and see what is working and what isn't, we may need to tweak the design.


Crafting Your Offer

Have an irresistible offer is a huge part of having a successful funnel. We will take time to dive into what all you have to offer and create an offer that is too irresistible for your audience to turn down.

  • ​Main Offer: What is your main offer that gets people to click?
  • Order BumpA lot price bump on the order form that helps you cover ad/marketing costs
  • Upsells: Where the money is made!
  • Traffic Driving: Steps you need to take to fill your funnels

Back-end Tech Stuff

All of the backend

Building a funnel is a LOT more than just the funnel design. There are automations that need to happen, contacts that need to be tagged based on what they purchased (or didn't purchase) and emails that need to be set up.

  • ​AutomationsEmail autoresponders and deliverable of digital goods.
  • Domain Integration: If you don't know what you are doing, this can be a stressful and time-consuming task!
  • Contact TaggingA massively important piece of the puzzle that most people skip. Tagging your contacts so you can follow up with everyone with the correct email sequence.
  • Emails: Follow up with contacts to help convert potential buyers
  • ​So Much More!


Photo and Video consulting

If you have a funnel then you will need photos and videos selling your offer. We will advise on what to say, when to say it, and how it should look.

  • ​Headshots/productsYou need good photos to help grab attention and help convert people. 
  • Video Sales LettersKnowing what to say, how long to have the video, and much more is important. We will direct you on all of it.
  • Editing: We can advise you on how to shoot the videos in house and send us the footage to edit it!

$ - Premium Add-On Service 

Done-For-You Photo and Video Creation

Some people don't want to have to deal with shooting the video in house. Good news is that we have over a decade of experience doing photo and video so we will come to you and create it for you.

  • ​Photography: We will spend time capturing all of the images we will need for your site
  • Videography: We will bring our cameras, lights, and teleprompter so you can record all of your videos fast with great quality!
  • Editing: We will have a fast turnaround on the editing so we can implement your videos as soon as possible!

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