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We are Matthew and Alyssa Peet and we have been videoing weddings for a few years now and love it! We wanted to create a page just for you so we can hopefully answer all of your questions and give you a little insight into how we work on a wedding day. Hopefully you will love what we have to offer and we will get to work together! 😀

If you want to get in touch with us then feel free to email Matt@repeetproductions.com or call 803.236.7800

Highlight videos

Our highlights are a quick preview of the couples wedding day. They are usually 3~5 minutes long depending on what song we end up using. Our philosophy on creating highlights is that we like to include the couples personalities and special moments so we love catching the laughing, random dancing, first look, and reception formalities to include for the couple. Our goal for each wedding is to create a video that a couple will be able to watch for years and laugh and cry each time they watch it. If our couples are happy then we are happy!

Same Day Edits!

You may or may not have heard of Same Day Edits but we love them because it is unique and always is a cool surprise for wedding guests. We like to use the Same Day Edit as a transition during the reception. We have shown it to transition from dancing to the flower and garter toss in the past but the most common time to show it is to transition from dancing to the couples exit at the end of the night. That also gives us more time to shoot and edit so we like that as well. 🙂
We want everything to go as seamless as possible so we bring all of the presentation gear to the wedding so we don’t have to plug into the DJ’s system. We bring our screen, projector and PA speaker so all of the guests can clearly see the highlight!

Ceremony videos

Our Ceremony videos aren’t cinematic highlights of the ceremony, instead they are the ceremony in it’s entirety from entrance to exit. We take this part very seriously because I want your couples to be able to sit down in 40 years and watch their ceremony and hear their vows. When we shoot a ceremony we use at least 3 cameras. This allows us to get different angles to use when editing the couples ceremony together so the couple gets the best view of what is happening. It also allows us to work well with the photographers which is also quite important for us. If the photographer needs to step in front of one of our cameras then we can just cut to a different angle in post that way they don’t miss any of their amazing shots! We also have special ordered audio recorders from Europe that we put on the officiant and groom to make sure we capture their audio as clear as possible! Our audio recorders do not send any wireless signals as they record directly to a memory card so no DJ or church has to worry about our signals getting crossed!

Reception Formalities

Like the Ceremony, we capture the reception formalities in their entirety so the couple has those special memories. They aren’t cinematically edited to music or anything fancy, just a straight edit with natural audio so the couple has their memories which is important to us. We capture everything from the entrance & First dance, to the speeches, to the cake cutting and the couple gets it all! We try to include shots from these formalities in the couples highlights so they get to remember those memories when they watch their highlight but we also want them to have these moments in their entirety. We deliver each of the formalities as individual videos so they can watch then at their leisure.


We recently started delivery your couples videos digitally and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing for so many reasons. We use a site that allows your couple to view their videos like a DVD and they can share it with anyone that they would like. The site also allows your couples to download their videos so they can have access to them and back them up on their personal computer which we always encourage. It also allow us to deliver their videos in record time because we don’t have to wait for DVD’s to get designed and printed or for flash drives to get engraved and shipped. Once their videos are finished with editing we can upload them and send it to the couple for them to have immediately! Check out an example here 🙂

P.S. This platform also has an apple TV app so the couple can watch that way if they would like.


Alyssa been studying under a mentor in photography for months in order to give our couples the best pictures possible. We want to make sure that we deliver the same quality work with photography as we do with video and we would never do anything half way. We are launching with complete confidence in our shooting and style and are SO excited to offer this to couples! 😀

Engagement session

One thing we are excited about with offering photography is more chances to get to work with the couples. With every wedding we give the couple a 1 hour engagement shoot at their favorite Charleston location so we can get to meet them before their wedding day and give them some amazing photos! This also allows the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera so when their wedding day comes they don’t feel intimidated by the camera and they already know how we work.

The Big Day!

2 shooters, 8 hours, and as many amazing photos as we can possibly capture! We want to capture moments so amazing that they want to print huge canvas’ for their wall like we did of our wedding! Nothing is better than seeing those pictures every day!

How many Images do my couples get?

We try to make sure your couples have as many moments captured as possible so they can see all of the smiles and happy tears. We try to deliver an average of ~60 photos per hour. We go through and pull out any photos that aren’t flattering so the couple gets all of the beautiful moments!


Just like with video, we deliver their gallery online so they can share it with their friends and family as well as download high res images. We want your couples to have the best experience from booking to viewing so we use an online platform that allows your couples to view their Photos in a beautiful layout so it adds another layer of quality that your couples will receive.


Can our couples choose the song for their highlight?

Sure! We have to choose them from certain websites so everything is licensed but they are welcome to choose from those sites.

How much does it cost?

Videography: Our current 2017 prices are $3000 for everything and any 2018 couple that books us before January 1st 2018 will get our 2017 prices!

Photography: We are starting out with Photography and rates will increase with bookings but we are starting out at only $1500!

Photo + Video: If you book us for both Photo and Video then you save $500 so you can get both for only $4000! 🙂

Do you have a drone?

Yes, and it makes for some amazing shots but we do tell your couples that we only fly it if 1)It’s safe to fly 2)We have time to fly 3) The Venue allows it.

1) We aren’t going to put anyone in danger by flying our drone so if it’s too windy or any rain then it won’t go up.
2) We all know that timelines change from time-to-time so we aren’t going to hold up the festivities to get a drone shot.
3) Some venues don’t allow vendors to fly for one reason or another but then we also have to look and make sure we aren’t next to an airport.

How long will it take my couples to get their photos/videos?

With the Same Day Edits they will get to see their highlight at their reception and we will post it within a couple days of their ceremony depending on our schedule. For everything else like the ceremony and reception formalities, we try to be as quick as possible so we quote your couples 2 months but always look for opportunities to over-deliver. With our new system of digital delivery, we have had couples their videos within 5 days of their big day!

How do my couples sign the contract, pay you, etc...

We use an online CRM that allows your couples to easily Digitally sign their contract. Our online system also allows us to process payments via Paypal but there is an additional fee added on from Paypal if they couple chooses that option. Most clients opt to send us checks which works fine with us!

Our system will send them reminders when payments are coming up or past due that way they don’t have to worry about marking their calendar or getting surprised by payment dates. We also make sure to receive all of our payments before the wedding date that way we don’t have to talk money on the couples wedding day. That day is about them, not about them paying us.

How do I get in touch with you to ask more questions?

Email Matthew or Alyssa directly
Or give Matt a call at 803.236.7800