I want you to be as informed as possible so here are some questions we get and the answers to said questions. We are always adding more so if you have a question that aren’t answered here then shoot me an email at Matt@repeetproductions.com and I’ll be happy to answer!

Can we choose our own song for our highlight?

YES! We would love for you to choose your own song because then we know that you will love the song we use in your video. There is one caveat though, we have to get each song we use licensed through proper licensing websites so you can go over to site likes Songfreedom.com and Themusicbed.com and scroll through some of their great music.

Can we get a custom package?

We are always open to working with you and working with your budget. That being said, we have designed our packages with you in mind. We don’t want you to miss out of something you will wish you had in 35 years . Don’t you want to be able to show your kids and your grandkids your wedding day? I would love to be able to watch my parents wedding day in a highlight!

How many videographers do we get?

TWO. I always try to bring another videographer with me to your wedding because I don’t want to miss a thing! If something out of the ordinary happens and I can’t have a second shooter with me then I know that I am completely capable of shooting your wedding by myself and creating something magical for you!

How many hours of coverage do we get?

It depends on which package you choose. For out MAGIC package you get as many as you like. That being said, we do try to stay under 12 hours because anything over 12 we start to hit a wall and our creativity goes down and frankly, we get really tired. We do love our clients though so if you book that MAGIC package and need us more than 12 hours, we got you! 😉

For our fairytale package you get 7 hours of coverage and if you would like an extra hour here or there then you can buy them A La Carte for $100/hour

How do I get my videos?

With our Magic package you will get your full day highlight within a week of your wedding online so that you can see it as soon as it’s done. We don’t want you to wait WEEKS to see your video! Then when we are able to finish the rest of your videos we will send them to you on a beautifully designed, one of a kind, flash drive! I’m serious, these things look so nice I give them as gifts. I’m a nerd like that :p

With our fairytale package you will get your reception highlight within a week of your wedding delivered online so you can get it ASAP and relive all of your relatives crazy cool dance moves! As soon as the rest of your videos are done we will shoot you an email with a link that you can use to download your videos directly to your computer.

Can we get our videos on a DVD?

We don’t offer DVD services anymore because it was costing so much extra time and money. We could do a dumbed down way of creating them but if we do something then we are going to do it right. In order to have DVD’s to the standard that I require it costs too much investment in time and money. We cut DVD’s and save you package prices and you are able to get your videos faster!

The videos you receive, either online or on your flash drive, will be .mp4 files so if you would like to drop them into a DVD creation software like iDVD then you can easily do so 🙂

Does Re-Peet Producitons travel to shoot videos?

YES! We love to travel to shoot videos so if you have a destination wedding somewhere else and want to take us along we would be ok with that 😉

We do have to charge travel expenses once we get outside of Charleston, SC though.

How do we pay?

When you sign a contract we will send you an invoice and you can either pay online via Paypal (which is a secure online payment system) or you can send us a check to the address we give you on the invoice.

How much does it cost to save my date?

We require a 50% retainer fee upon signing of the contract. Due to the nature of our business that retainer is non-refundable. Once we have you on the books we turn down everyone else!

How does ceremony audio work?

We have audio recorders that we use for your ceremony. One will go on the groom, One will go on the officiant, and if you have an audio board for your ceremony, one will record that output. These audio recorders record to a memory card inside of the device like a camera so they don’t send any signals to interfere with any other sound devices being used.

How do you shoot the ceremony?

We shoot the ceremony from a minimum of 4 camera angles. Why? For a couple of reason.

  1. It gives us multiple backups in case something happens and a card malfunctions and corrupts all of the data. I have literally had nightmares about missing a ceremony before so I do everything in my power to prevent that!
  2. It allows us to play well with your photographer. You hired them to capture your day as well so we want to help them get the shots they need too. We work with them to decide where the best place to set up is so that they can get their angles as well.

How well do you work with photographers?

We love working with photographer! We actually have developed friendships with photographers after working weddings with them. We even hired one of them to photograph our wedding because we like them so much and we are taking them down to Disney to shoot it!

With all of the formalities we try to shoot from multiple angles so that if a photographer has to jump in front of us to grab a shot, they can and we can just cut to another angle.

Can we grab dinner to get to know you?

Sure, we would love to get to meet you! We will even be nice and let you choose the restaurant because we enjoy outback cheese fries way too much so if given the choice…. yea.

Do you have a drone?

YES! We do and I love flying that thing for my clients! It really does get some amazing shots and can make your video come to life. 🙂

Do you charge extra to use your drone like everyone else?

Nope. I want your video to look like the best wedding video anyone has ever seen so I am going to do whatever I can to make that happen. If we have time, it’s safe to fly, and you want us to get some drone shots, then we will have that thing in the air.