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What Can I Expect When I Inquire?

  1. We will follow up quickly, within a few hours, to set up a time to chat.
  2. Once we hop on a call we will be upfront about our pricing, and based on our conversation and your inquiry form, we will immediately send you a customized pricing guide.
  3. Our booking process is online and stress free.

You may be thinking...

"This form looks a little long, I'm at work and I'm not sure I have time to fill this out..."

I get that! Been there! Our form will only take a few quick minutes to fill out. Most questions are short response or have options to choose from.

We asked these specific questions because we want to get to know You and connect with you. Your time is valuable and not only do we want provide you with superior service and an exceptional experience, but we want to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

Your wedding day is an incredibly special moment in time and your love story deserves to be told, and it deserves to be told exceptionally. Choosing a vendor you are excited about, confident in, and trust is the difference between absolutely loving the experience and the end result or being grateful you at least got video but are left desiring so much more.

THE BEST WEDDING DECISION I MADE! Matt was not only incredibly professional, he was able to produce the most magical wedding video. I can not imagine not being able to look back and have the beautiful moments he captured on video. While managing to stay discreetly on the side yet capture the perfect moments of our big day, thinking back now I literally cry thinking of not having this amazing video gift. Do yourself a favor and hire Re-Peet Productions. It’ll be the best wedding decision you’ll make.
-Blayne and Michael